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Introduction to The Reschool'd Podcast


Think of this as the first day of the semester, … you know, where we go over the syllabus and generally leave early (we’re not “those” professors that start teaching on the first day!) We talk about who we are (not as philosophical as it sounds), why we started the podcast, and what we hope you get out of it.

8:37 min.

The Happy Birthday Episode

“A Recap of the Past Year”

Our 52nd episode!! What a fun year we’ve had?! We decided it would be fun for use to look back at the previous 51 episodes and reflect on all the topics we’ve talked about, what we’ve learned about ourselves and each other, and where we see the show going in the next 52 episodes. Then, and perhaps more importantly, we somehow go down a rabbit hole talking about food … Don’t judge!!

33:01 min.

What's the Purpose?

“A Walk down Memory Lane”

With this being our 100th recording, we wanted to take a step back and look back at the past almost two years of the podcast. Join us as we talk about where it all began, where it went, and where we hope to see it go in the future. We also drop some big news.

36:41 min.

Pre-College Series

Chapter 1 : Yay or Nay: Is College the Way?

“Is College for Everyone”

What is perfect place to start a podcast about college and career?! In the first chapter of the Pre-College Series, we layout the necessary info for high schoolers (and maybe even current college students) to make the best decision on whether college is for them.

28:05 min.

Chapter 2 : Are all Colleges NOT the Same???

“What are the Different Types of Colleges”

In this chatper, we discuss the different types of colleges are out there to choose from.  We look into the differences between the traditional 4-year college vs. juco vs. trade/technical schools, and even throw in our opinion on for-profit colleges.

29:32 min.

Chapter 3 : In my Feels - Am I Good enough for College?

“Am I Good Enough for College”

A heartbreaking topic submitted to the show, we discuss the misinformation some students receive in high school that leads them to the feeling of “not being good enough” for college. Then we discuss why that misinformation is actually false and try to help you get past that feeling.

29:41 min.

Chapter 4 : Heads College, Tails Experience

“Which is Better: College or Experience”

After graduating high school, many students are tasked with choosing whether to go directly to college OR go get experience first. We lay out the pros and cons for both sides of the coin in hopes of helping you make that decision.

32:09 min.

Chapter 5 : How Do I Get In??

“Applying to College”

What do I need to know when applying to colleges? That’s a fairly loaded questions as there are so many variables that students should factor when applying. In this episode, we discuss those factors you should think about when choosing what college to apply to, break down the parts of the application process, and what areas you should highlight in your application.

48:28 min.

Chapter 6 : Am I Smart Enough for College?

“What is ‘Smart’?”

Are you “smart”?  How are you suppose to even answer that question? There are so many factors that go into the definition of “smart”.  For this episode, we discuss what being smart means to us using different perspectives, and answer the questions do you have to be smart to go to college and does college make you smart.

40:55 min.

Chapter 7 : Should I Choose on Reputation?

“Is School Reputation Important?”

Do you feel that reputation is an important factor when choosing the college to attend? In some cases, that may be the case. In others, it may not be the defining factor. Join us as we talk about when you should and shouldn’t consider reputation, the potential cost-benefit of reputation, and ways that you can compensate for lesser reputation.

45:00 min.

College 101 Series

Chapter 1 : College Career??? I Don't Want a Career in College!!

“What do They Mean by ‘College Career'”

Have you ever thought why people call it a “college career”? What does that even mean? Well, we’ve got an answer to that. We discuss why it’s called that, how the college career works and what the first thing you need to know once you’ve been excepted into college.

32:26 min.

Chapter 2 : A Major Decision - Deciding on a Major

“How to Choose a Major”

Choosing a major can be intimidating … and worse, deciding whether you should change you major after you’ve already taken classes can be a nightmare.  Should I stay with the path I’m on, or should I change to a different major that I may possibly like more.  We talk about the factors you should take into consideration when choosing a major or, later, if you should change.

28:44 min.

Chapter 3 : To Be (in class) or Not To Be (in class)

“What are the Different Styles of Class”

We breakdown the four major types of classes you’re likely to see when registering for classes – face-to-face, hybrid, synchronous online, and asynchronous online.  Then, we give you the pro’s and con’s for each style to help you better understand which style may be better for you.

34:40 min.

Chapter 4 : Part 1 - The "Return OF" Your College Experience

“How to get the Most Out of College – Academically”

We discuss what is means to truly get the most of of college, academically speaking. Then, we go through some common examples of opportunities that colleges usually offer to students to help get the most out of their college career. And, then we end it with how connecting this your professors could help.

34:43 min.

Chapter 5 : Part 2 - The "Return ON" Your College Experience

“How to get the Most Out of College – Non-Academically”

In the second to our mini series, we dive head first into getting the most out of college, non-academically speaking … AKA the fun side of college.  We discuss how some of the fun aspects can also have benefits to your future, and how some may only negatively affect your wallet in the end.

42:46 min.

Chapter 6 : Won't You Be My ... Mentor?!

“Why Should I Find a Mentor”

As Jason has said many time on previous episodes, having a mentor can be very beneficial in so many ways.  And, since that is something he feels is so important, we decided to do an episode just on mentors.  We discuss how to find one, what to look for, and the expectations you should have with yours.

33:14 min.

Chapter 7 : I Need a Break from Spring Break

“What Should I do for Spring Break?”

Everyone needs a break, and for many students there’s no better break than Spring Break week. But, what should you do during that week? Philanthropic work? Rest? Work? Or, P-A-R-T-Y!!! Join us as we talk about how to get them most out of this week long break.  Don’t worry, we like to have fun, too!

33:29 min.

Chapter 8 : Living On or Off Campus

“Choosing Where to Live during College”

Your choice of where to live in college can have an effect your college experience. It’s certainly a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly … and one that you should have as much information as possible before making. That’s where we come in. We discuss the important factors you should consider when deciding whether you should live that dorm-life or live off campus.

42:35 min.

Chapter 9 : Alcohol and Drugs?

“They will be a Part of College”

Like it or not, alcohol and drugs are on college campuses. It’s important for you to have plan for what you’ll do if and when you come across them. This episode is not about telling you what you should or should not be doing in college, but simply giving you information, and our experiences, so that you can make your own educated decision for your life. It’s a judgement-free zone here.

43:26 min.

Chapter 10 : Student-Athlete? I'm Going Pro, Baby!!

“College Life as a Student-Athlete”

We had an amazing time talking to our good friend and special guest of the show, Jaclyn Donovan, about her experience as a former student-athlete and college athletics administrator.  She gave some great advice for those listeners that are playing sports.  And, as it seems to be a growing tradition on the show, she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to joke on AJ.

49:48 min.

Chapter 11 : TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!

“Parties, Hook-ups, and Dating in College”

Three things we know for sure happen on a college campus: parties, hook-ups, and dating.  All three can be fun if going into them with an understanding.  For example, all parties are not like what you see in the movies, although some are. Join us as we discuss our experiences with each during our college days.

49:15 min.

Chapter 12 : Connecting with Professors

“Are There Benefits to Befriending your Professor?”

Are you someone that tends to go to class without ever really connecting with your professors? Or, are you the type that tries to befriend all of your professors? Connecting with your professors has pros and cons. We’re discussing some do’s and don’ts to think about, and certain things you should definitely stay aways from when trying to make those connections.

34:37 min.

Chapter 13 : Should I Start Saving Up for Textbooks Now?

“Buying Books”

Buying books for classes are notoriously a pain in the butt for college students.  They’re expensive and seldom used in certain classes.  For this episode, we discuss why books are so expensive.  We then jump into an impromptu ‘tips and trick’ segment where we talk about ways we’ve learned to help cut the cost of unnecessary books down for you.

32:59 min.

Chapter 14 : I'm Paying for it Now

“Paying for College”

The choice of going to college is a very big deal. And, with that decision comes many factors to consider.  One of the most important things to consider when going to college is how you’re going to pay for it … it isn’t cheap. In this episode, we discuss why it’s expensive and what options you have when it comes to paying for it. Just know, there are other options outside of student loans.

52:35 min.

Chapter 15 : It's More than just Books ...

“The Library”

Did you know the library has more than just books in it? I know, it shocked AJ too. The library can be a great resource for students for many different reasons. But, for many of us, including AJ, it’s not very well known. Join us as we discuss all the various benefits you get by simply walking into the library.  We also give you some uncommon tips for the library.

39:07 min.

Chapter 16 : Well, I Gotta Eat!!

“College Meal Plans”

If there’s one thing that’s definitive in life and college, it’s you have to eat! College meal plans are a huge decision coming into college, whether it’s deciding on purchasing one or deciding on what level meal plan to buy. Join us as we discuss primary things to consider, like cost and plan options, as well as secondary considerations.

32:31 min.

Chapter 17 : Is It Really Two for One?

“Double Majors and Minors”

Choosing a major when you get to college is already hard enough, trying to decide if you should go for a double major or minor can be even more of a challenge, especially if you don’t have all the information.  Join us as we discuss what it means to go for a double major or minor, and we share our opinions on both.  They might not be what you’re expecting.

40:59 min.

Chapter 18 : Sylla-Bye!

“Understanding the Syllabus”

It’s usually the one document we receive from class that we overlook the most … the course syllabus. If you’re like most, you love the first day of class because you don’t do much other than go over the syllabus. Yet, when you receive the syllabus, you probably just throw it in you notebook, or worse, the trash. In this episode, we discuss what you should really be doing when you get it.

38:31 min.

Chapter 19 : I Just Need a Friend!

“Making Friends in College”

Making friends in the elementary school was one of the primary focuses for many kids.  Making friends in college? Not so much.  Most of us go into college with really close friends. Inevitably, though, you will make knew, different friends college. In this episode we talk about the trade offs between quantity and quality, the different types of friends, and end with some tips for you.

37:07 min.

Chapter 20 : Do we Have to Talk About Politics?!

“Politics on Campus”

Politics has become something many of us may pay attention to, but don’t care much to hear about constantly in our daily lives. But, if there is one thing that is a guarantee to hear on a college campus, it’s that. Join us as we discuss what you can expect and how you can help bring politics into more of a positive light on your campus.

40:56 min.

Chapter 21 : Did That Just Happen?

“College Memories”

To the listener who sent in this question … Thank you! In this episode, we reminisce back on our time in college and talk about our favorite memories, including the goods, the bads, and the uglies.  We had a great time reliving these moments in our heads, and we hope you enjoy hearing them.

37:59 min.

Chapter 22 : A Sibling Rivalry??

“Siblings in College”

What a treat we had for this episode; a surprise topic with a surprise guest. I this episode, AJ interviewed his baby brother, John, and Jason on what it was like to have older brothers go through college with and/or before them. We discussed pressures, standards, expectations, and benefits from having an older sibling make it through college.

43:45 min.

Chapter 23 : Most Memorable Moments

“Memorable Times from the Classroom”

What a fun episode to record!! A listen sent in the question “what are some of our most memorable moments from in the classroom”, and did we ever have some laughs talking about these times with each other. And the sad part is, the ones that we talk about in this episode if just the tip of the iceberg.

43:42 min.

College Strategy Series

Chapter 1: "Everyone has a Plan Until you get Punched in the Face"

“Why do I Need a Life Plan, and Where do I get One”

Antoine de Saint Exupery said it best when he said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”  It’s important for everyone to have a life plan to not only give you direction, but also for you to have a sense of success when you accomplish those goals. In this episode, we discuss how to get started making a life plan, and what to do when things don’t go as planned.

40:15 min.

Chapter 2: I Just Need Some Motivation!!

“How Can I Stay Motivated”

Everyone struggles with finding and keeping motivation towards college (and career for that matter).  Well … fear not faithful listens, because we want to be your personal motivational speaker for the next 36 minutes! Join us as we discuss what motivation is, the different types of motivation,  what to look out for, and bring it full circle with our own words of encouragement for you.

36:17 min.

Chapter 3: Using your Summer Wisely-er?!

“Getting the Most out of your Summer Break”

Summer breaks for college students can be used for many things … taking classes, studying abroad, working a summer job, traveling, etc. Understanding your goals can help you make a decision on what you should be doing during the summer. Join us as we go through our experiences and discuss some strategies when figuring out your summer plans.

38:54 min.

Chapter 4: It Takes a Village to Get an Education

“Learning from Others”

Do you need help from others to succeed in college? No, you can absolutely succeed in college on your own.  But can the experience be improved by working and learning from others? Absolutely!! In this episode we discuss the importance of learning from others, strategies you can use to get the most out of learning, and opportunities to connect with others that colleges create.

34:57 min.

Chapter 5: I Graduated a Brand New Person

“Reinventing Yourself in College”

For the vast majority of students that go off to college (either in their hometown or away), change is inevitable. Some fight that tooth and nail, while others embrace it. But, all things equal, it’s going to happen. We discuss why we think change happens in college, is the change passive or active, and what to possibly expect from family and friends after they see the change.

40:12 min.

Chapter 6: Giving it the Ol' College Try!

“When to use the ‘College Try’ Strategy”

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase … or, maybe you’ve used the phrase, but “giving it the ol’ college try” is common vernacular on college campuses. But, should it ever be an option. Join us as we discuss what the “college try” means, if it’s necessarily a negative strategy, and are there times when giving something the “college try” is good enough.

26:51 min.

Chapter 7: Why Do I need More Cost??

“Considering Opportunity Costs”

Opportunity cost is a common topic taught in many college courses. However, rarely is it taught from the personal perspective. In other words, how can you take this topic and use it effectively in various areas of your everyday life. That’s where we come in. Join us as we discuss what it is and how to use it correctly to help make you life better in the long run.

34:50 min.

Chapter 8: Another Start to a Semester

“Setting Up the Semester for Success”

You can do something on the first day of classes that will make you pass a class, but you can do things (and not do things) that will make it harder for you to pass. In this episode, we discuss some strategies to consider on the first day of the semester that will help set the rest of the semester for success.

41:51 min.

Chapter 9: Should I Make a Change??

“What to Consider when Dropping, Changing, or Withdrawing”

Classes have begun, but now you’re not sure if you should stay. Or … maybe you’ve received your midterm grade and now you’re not sure if you should withdraw. In this episode, we discuss some of the strategies that can be used when determining whether to drop a class, change a professor, or withdraw from a class.

47:51 min.

Chapter 10: Old School to New School

“How Education has Changed over the Years”

Whether you want to believe it or not, higher education has changed over the years, some for the better and some for the worse. In this episode, we discuss how education has changed, what are some of the reasons behind the change, and what are some things a student can do to help with some of the bad changes.

41:22 min.

Chapter 11: You do You!


It may sound like an SAT word to some (like AJ), but autonomy can be very important some while not a necessity for others. But, going college may force it on many students. Join us as we discuss what autonomy is, when it can be beneficial to have autonomy and when it could be a problem, and give advice on how to deal with it.

48:52 min.

Chapter 12: Staying in the Good Graces of the Professor

“Getting on the Professor’s Good Side”

Call it what you want, the professor’s good side, being the teacher’s pet, whatever … the key is staying in the good graces of the professors certainly has its benefits. Join us as we discuss what some of those benefits are from the professor’s perspective, and give you some ways to get on and stay on the professor’s good side.

44:30 min.

Chapter 13: Who Should it Be??

“Choosing the Right Professor”

Whether advisors want to admit it or now, choosing your professors can have an impact on the success of the semester.  Aside from picking the right classes, professor selection may be around the top of the importance ranking. Join us as we discuss things to consider when choosing your next professors.

46:44 min.

Chapter 14: When Too Much is Too Much

“The Law of Diminishing Returns”

Is there a point where too much of something can actually have adverse effects on you … of course. If it’s not a direct negative impact, it’s a possible negative impact somewhere else in your life. Join us as we discuss how the Law of Diminishing Returns can be applied to students’ lives in college and how students can use it to their advantage.

46:42 min.

Chapter 15: How to Survive Online Courses

“Succeeding in Online/Hybrid Learning Environments”

Online and hybrid classes are now more popular than ever in the college setting. That’s because they can possess so many advantages.  However, they can also come with some pretty big disadvantages. Join us as we talk about some strategies that you can use to improve your chances of succeeding in that class.

37:05 min.

Tips and Tricks Series

Chapter 1: Taking Notes on Note-Taking

“Tips and Tricks on Note-taking”

Where was this when I was a student?? Everyone knows that note-taking in school is very important, but not everyone knows how to take notes … and we mean really take notes.  Well, we want to help you out with that.  We discuss our list of the top note-taking tips that either worked for us while we were in school, or we’ve learned through trial-and-error.  

37:25 min.

Chapter 2: Can't I just Sleep with the Book Under My Pillow?

“Tips and Tricks on Studying”

This may be one of the most needed episodes for many students, both in high school and in college.  Some students jumped on the studying train early and learned at a young age the best methods of studying (ala Jason), while others (ala AJ) didn’t learn effective ways until after school. In this episode we discuss ways to become a more efficient studier and some of our tips to help you.  

37:42 min.

Chapter 3: Tipping the Scales - Work, Life, School Balance

“Tips and Tricks on the Work/Life/School Balance”

I think RiRi said it best when she said, “Work, work, work, work, work”. Sometimes we get stuck in what seems to be a never ending cycle of all work or school, and no life. Or, maybe for you, school and work are LOW on the priority list.  It’s important to have a balance in three areas. We discuss what it means to have a healthy balance and ways you can improve on that balance.

51:41 min.

Chapter 4: I Don't have Time for Time Management

“Tips and Tricks on the Time Management”

No matter how hard you try, there will only be 24 hours in a day.  And how you divide those 24 hours can be the different between tranquility and overload.  Does this mean using checklists or a detailed day calendar? That’s up to you. In this episode, we try to help you understand the importance of time management and give you our tips on how to be successful with it.

35:59 min.

Chapter 5: The Art of Classroom Behavior

“Tips and Tricks on Classroom Etiquette”

You should always try to be that good classmate, even if it’s for nothing more than getting on the teacher’s good side. Even though etiquette can be dependent on the class, there are some basic tips that will help you not be seen as “that” student. Join us as we discuss those tips on what to and what not to do in the classroom.

39:52 min.

Chapter 6: A Love/Hate Relationship with Group Work

“Tips and Tricks on Group Work”

Some of us love it, and some of us hate it … but no matter which side you’re on, you’re going to have to deal with it in college, and with good reason.  Group work gives you exposure to what many of us will experience in the work force, so it is important.  Join us as we discuss some tips and tricks that will help you get then most out of your group work for yourself and your group mates. 

38:19 min.

Chapter 7: How 2 Rite a Prof Email?

“Tips and Tricks on Student Email Etiquette”

Professional communication is a big deal, and there’s no better place to practice this skill than in college. And a great area to focus on that communication is with emails.  It may sound odd that we’re bringing email etiquette up for an entire episode, but it can be something that can paint you in a negative light. Join us are we talk about some dos and don’ts for emails. 

43:14 min.

Chapter 8: Going out on College Night ... s!

“Tips and Tricks for College Nights”

Going out on college nights is a rite of passage for most college students everywhere.  Whether you’re going out for a night on the town with friends or hitting up one of the local fraternity or sorority parties, college nights can be fun.  But, they are also times where you need to be prepared and careful.  Join us as we discuss tips and tricks for getting the most our of college nights.

48:01 min.

Chapter 9: Organized? Where do You Begin?

“Tips and Tricks for Organization”

Are you an organized person? Is that even a relevant question for a college students? Absolutely! Organization skills can certainly be beneficial during the pursuit of the academic degree. Join us as we talk about how to better your college experience by using organizational skills, and we give you our top tips and tricks that we use to improve our organization.

34:52 min.

Chapter 10: I Need Some Health in My Life!

“Tips and Tricks for Health”

Your health should be a major priority during your time in college, along with learning and having fun … and not just physical health, but mental health, too. Join us as we offer our tips and tricks for creating mental and physical health that you’ll be able to take with you beyond your college years.

40:22 min.

Chapter 11: Don't Just Survive, Thrive!! SuRe?1!

“Tips and Tricks for Staying Productive in College”

College can be a tough place to maintain productivity. Between all the class assignments, studying, extra-curricular activities, social life, sports, partying, and perhaps spending time with your boo, your attention and focus can get spread quite thin if you’re not careful.  Join us in this episode as we give you some of our tips and tricks for how to stay productive while going through college.

45:16 min.

Chapter 12: Going from Overwhelmed to just Whelmed!

“Tips and Tricked for Dealing with Feeling Overwhelmed in School”

Here’s another listener question that we wanted to make into a full episode. In this episode, we give you some tips and tricks for how to cope with the sense of feeling overwhelmed with school work and everything else in life.  This might as well have been written by AJ because he’s currently living this life right now … which gives us a unique perspective of what can help.

42:49 min.

Chapter 13: Scheduling the Perfect Semester

“Tips and Tricked for Scheduling Courses”

Scheduling classes are a crucial part of college. That includes making sure you’re taking the right classes at the right time, and in a lot of instances with the right professor. In this episode, we give you our tip and tricks that we used as students in hopes of helping you make the better decisions in your semester scheduling.

34:01 min.

Chapter 14: Maintaining Mental Health

“Tips and Tricked for Positive Mental Health”

Scheduling classes are a crucial part of college. That includes making sure you’re taking the right classes at the right time, and in a lot of instances with the right professor. In this episode, we give you our tip and tricks that we used as students in hopes of helping you make the better decisions in your semester scheduling.

34:01 min.

Chapter 15: Dorm Room Etiquette

“Tips and Tricked for Living in a Dorm Room”

Living a a dorm room can be a major shock to an incoming freshman if you don’t know what to expect … especially when you are sharing the dorm room with a roommate you’ve never met before. In this episode, we discuss what you can expect while living in a dorm room, and give you some tips on how to ease some of the growing pains that comes with the experience.

34:01 min.

Chapter 16: Protecting Yourself

“Tips and Tricked Against Sexual Assault”

It’s really unfortunately that we feel the need to talk about this subject, but it’s the sad reality we live in today. Being aware of ways to protect yourself from sexual assault while in college is important for all students. In this episode we give you our best practices on protecting yourself when going out.

36:32 min.

Chapter 17: Gadgets and Gizmos A-plenty

“Tips and Tricked for Helpful Items in College”

There are so many tools available to students to help them in a variety of ways while attending college. Some of them are high tech, while others are basic analog. Join us as we give you some of what we see as our most important and our favorite things that we used (or are currently using) in the college setting.

46:57 min.

Chapter 18: Semester Gamesmanship

“Tips and Tricked for Dealing with Semester Decision”

One of the biggest fallacies in college is choosing to following the degree sheet in order. Although, it may make choosing classes easy in the early years, it can cause bottlenecking problems in the later years. Joins us as we give you some of our tips when it comes to including gamesmanship into your semester. 

36:08 min.

Advanced College Series

Chapter 1 : The Senior Year ... s

“What Should I Expect in my Senior Year”

Your senior year (or perhaps years, no judgement) is suppose to be a time of joy and excitement.  But, it’s can also be busy and stressful with all the thing you have to get done to either graduate or to progressing to the next stage in your life.  We’re hear to help.  We talk about its importance, the dreaded “Senioritis” and how to avoid it and other mistakes in your final year.

32:24 min.

Chapter 2 : Internships? Yes or ... YES!!

“Should I Really Pursue an Internship”

A big question on many students’ minds is should I try and get an internship. And it really depends. It depends how you want me to say “yes” … sí, oui, ja, or just YES! Internships are super helpful for many reasons, thus why we dedicated an entire episode to them.  We also talk about the difference between paid vs non-paid internships and the best time you should be applying for them.

34:39 min.

Chapter 3 : Studying Abroad ... More than an Extended Vacation

“Is Studying Abroad Really Worth It”

After listening to Jason talk about his study abroad experiences and how it shaped his life, it’s easy to see the impact they can have. The opportunity to study abroad in another country can benefit your life and career in so many ways. Join us as we discuss the different types of study abroad programs, how to get the most out of them, and how to identify obstacles when applying for them. 

38:54 min.

Chapter 4 : Alpha Beta Soup - Greek Life

“Should I Join a Fraternity or Sorority”

Since Jason and AJ don’t have much experience in Greek Life, we felt the need to bring in a true expert to help the listeners with this topic. Our good friend, Emily Ward, joined us to talk about her experience in a sorority. She discussed the pros and cons of joining Greek Life, the process of joining, what to expect, and ended it some advice for those thinking about joining.

30:55 min.

Chapter 5 : Grad School? Will it Ever End?

“Should I Apply to Graduate School”

Jason and AJ know grad school!  Graduate school for some students is already decided upon.  But, for others, the decision on whether to apply to grad school is still up in the air. Join the hosts as they talk about things to consider when trying to decide if you should apply, the application process, advice to help you make that decision, and finally, how to deal with burnout.

38:30 min.

Chapter 6 : Work, School? School, Work? ... Work While in School!

“Working While in College”

Whether you have to, to be able to provide for yourself and others, or you want to, because you want to resources to be able to do or have different things, or you don’t have to at all, working while you’re in college is a topic that will come up.  Join us as we discuss things to consider from both the work side and the academic side when deciding on whether you need to work while in school. 

37:52 min.

Chapter 7: Most Popular Majored?

“Why is the Business Major so Popular?”

Have you ever noticed the popularity of the Business school on college campuses and wonder why the business major degree is so popular? Well, we had a listen send in that question and spent this episode discussing why we think that is the case … of course, in a completely unbiased and professional manner, and with data.

32:11 min.

Chapter 8: The Entrepreneurial Bug

“Thinking about Starting a Business in College”

Have you been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug but are worried about adding more responsibility to your already ever-growing list while in college? Don’t fret! There are some major advantages to starting a business while in college, and that’s what we’re talking about here. We discuss things to consider, possible pitfalls, and helpful resources you can use to succeed in your endeavor.

42:00 min.

Career 101 Series

Chapter 1 : Cover Letters ... Really?

“How to Write an Effective Cover Letter”

Here we go! We’re getting into our general career series. And to start it off, we are talking cover letters. That seems to be a great place to begin because it seems to be an area where most people have a lot of questions.  We talk about the purpose of it and the things that you should consider including in your cover letters, while also identifying some things you may want to leave out. 

48:24 min.

Chapter 2 : Resumes? ... What Should I Say?

“How to Write an Effective Resume”

The obvious next step after talking about cover letters is talking about resumes … and that’s what we’re doing.  Resumes are a daunting, but necessary tool to get your foot in the door for that interview.  Join us as we discuss the different types of resumes, what to include and what not to include, and we even throw in some helpful tips for your next resume.

41:04 min.

Chapter 3 : Part 1 - I Got the Interview! Now What??

“The Prep Work for the Interview”

You’ve sent in your cover letter and resume … what’s next? Well, hopefully the interview! That’s where we going in this, the first of our two part interview mini-series. In this episode, we’re going to talk about the preparations for the interview.  Join us as we give you helpful advice on what you need to do before you ever get to the interview.

50:26 min.

Chapter 4 : Part 2 - I Just Got to my Interview! What Do I Say?

“Handling the Interview Once it Begins”

So, you’ve gotten the interview and, after you listened to our last episode, you’ve prepped for your interview. What should you be expecting during the interview? In the second episode of our two part mini-series, we talk about the substance of the interview.  Join us as we discuss the types of questions that could be asked, the purpose, and how to potentially answer them. 

54:59 min.

Chapter 5 : Should I get LinkedIn?

“Why is LinkedIn So Important”

LinkedIn … yes it’s a “social media” platform, but it can be VERY helpful in find that dream position you’ve been looking for. Or, your presence on it can help recruiters find you.  You LinkedIn page can be a vital piece to getting your career off the ground.  Join us as we discuss the importance of it, how it can help you, and what you should consider when setting you LinkedIn page up.

32:13 min.

Chapter 6 : Putting your Best LinkedIn Page Forward

“How to Set Up your LinkedIn Page”

In last week’s episode on LinkedIn, we talked about the importance of LinkedIn and how you can use it to help your career. In part 2 of the LinkedIn mini-series, we talk about the makeup of your LinkedIn page.  We discuss the parts of your page, including the most important parts, how you get found on LinkedIn, and finished the conversation with some LinkedIn Etiquette.

42:10 min.

Chapter 7 : It's a Job Searching for Jobs!!

“Where to Look for Jobs”

Job searching can be a daunting job, in and of itself. Finding jobs on the internet can always be concerning, wondering if what you’re applying for is legit or just a waste of time. Join us as we talk about how the job market has changed and what are some options that are out there for you while you’re in college, as well as when you’re out of college.

35:31 min.

Chapter 8 : Working on Networking

“How to Network Effectively”

As Jason says, “networking is one of the most essential elements of career development”. And he’s not exaggerating.  It is a skill that is much needed but not really talked about enough in colleges. That why we’re here.  Join us as we talk about what it means, why it’s important, and end with giving you our top ways to network and top things NOT to do when networking.

35:04 min.

Chapter 9 : Part 1 - How to Have a Professional Conversation

“Tips on Having a Professional Conversation”

Have you ever be formally taught how to have a professional conversation? My guess is no, as it tends to be lower on the priority list for schools. That’s what we’re here for … to bridge that gap.  In this episode, we talk about the first two steps of how to have a professional conversation. We’re focussing on breaking the ice and creating rapport.

40:17 min.

Chapter 10 : Part 2 - How to Have a Professional Conversation

“More Tips on Having a Professional Conversation”

So, we’re working on creating a professional conversation to establish some kind of networking relationship. We’ve broken the ice; we’ve built some rapport, now what?? In the second part of our “professional conversation” discussion, we talk about the last three steps of the process. We go into how to exchange critical information, breaking away, and the follow up.

42:08 min.

Chapter 11 : I Failed my Personality Test!

“An Overview of Personality Assessments”

There are plenty of personality tests out there. Some of them are legit and offer some very valuable information on your “inner workings” … then, there are some that don’t.  And, more and more often we see personality test in hiring process. Join us as we discuss some of the purpose of these tests, the upsides and downsides of them, and should you use your knowledge to game them.

35:42 min.

Chapter 12 : I Can't Choose ... a Career Path!

“Steps for Choosing a Career Path”

Picking a career seems to be one of the biggest decisions in a person’s life, and with that comes a lot of concern whether you’re picking the right career or not. As you grow up, you don’t have a lot of help in knowing how to choose your career.  That’s what this episode is for. We discuss the first steps to take and what factors you should consider in choose your career path.

35:31 min.

Chapter 13 : How Can I Get Found??

“How Companies Hire”

Getting hired on to a company is a task in itself, but knowing where companies look and what they use to find potential applicants can help increase your chances. And this is different for small and large companies. We break down how companies hire future employees, where they go, what (or who) they use, and things you can do to make yourself look more attractive.

40:50 min.

Chapter 14 : The Professional Finders

“Professional Recruiters”

In our previous episode on how companies hire, we mentioned that recruiters are used by some to find potential applicants. And, thanks to the question submitted by a listener, we are extending that episode and discussing specifically professional recruiters.  We talk about what they are/do, why they’re used, and provide you some tips on how to use and work with them.

24:43 min.

Chapter 15 : What Can I Do With This?

“Types of Jobs”

What kind of jobs are out there for me if I get a degree? You sent in the question, and we answered it. In this episode, we answer that question, plus discuss what are the types of jobs out there in the market, has is changed since the days of white collar vs. blue collar jobs, and things to consider about jobs when deciding on a college degree.

37:00 min.

Life Series

Chapter 1 : Unsocial Media

“The Goods and Bads of Social Media”

Social media has become an integral part of most of our lives, even to the point of addition, but also a career option.  Although there are some pros to social media, there are some massive cons if you’re not careful. Join us this episode as we discuss some of the benefits and downfalls of social media, and ways you can protect yourself while using it.

37:18 min.

Chapter 2 : Where's My Opportunity??

“Understanding Opportunities”

Opportunity can come when you least expect it, but not necessarily by sheer chance. Opportunity usually occurs from decisions we’ve made regarding past opportunities taken. Join us as we discuss ways we can create opportunity in our lives, recognize when those opportunity arise, and exploit those opportunities, hopefully leading to other opportunities.

48:38 min.

Chapter 3 : No Risk It, No Biscuit

“Understanding Risk”

As we mentioned on the last episode, part of exploiting opportunity when it arises has to do with taking risks. In this episode, we talk about how to understand risk well enough that you are able to make calculated assessments of risk, within the context of your personality, and optimize your chances of that opportunity leading you to bigger and better things.

39:52 min.

Chapter 4 : Tipping the Scales Revisited!

“Balance Later in Life”

We are re-opening a topic we talked about back in episode 16 where we discussed the importance of maintain a work, life, school balance.  In this episode, we are focusing in on that same balance, but in life after school, that is a “work, life, other stuff” balance.  Join us as we talk about why this balance is just as important, if not more important in your later years as it was in your college years

32:26 min.

Chapter 5 : PIVOT!! PIVOT!! PIVOT!!

“The Mid-Life Pivot”

There will come a time in many of our lives where we will arrive at a proverbial fork in the road; where we will be tasked to make a decision on either continuing on the the direction we’re going or pivot and go in a completely new, unknown, and at times scary direction.  This may be in the form of career, education, or life in general.  In this episode, we discuss the things you should consider when making that decision.

43:15 min.

Chapter 6 : Great Expectation ... or Goals?

“Expectations vs. Goals”

There’s no question that goals are important to have throughout life. Equally but less talked about, expectations are important to have in your life.  In this episode, discuss the difference between expectations and goals, is there one we should be focused on, and how you can use expectations to guild you through opportunities that may come up.

37:56 min.

Parent/Student Dynamic Series

Chapter 1 : Academic Symbiosis

“Academic Expectations of Parents”

The dynamic between the college student and parents, especially for incoming freshmen, can be tricky waters to navigate. For the first episode of this new series, we discuss some mindsets from the parent’s and the student’s perspective that could help in the understanding of the other side academic expectations.

45:18 min.

Chapter 2 : Personal Symbiosis

“Personal Expectations of Parents”

During your college years, both parents and students create expectations of where they should be, and many times they may not be the same between the two parties. In the second extension dealing with the expectations of students and parents, we discuss the mindset that parents and students may experience from the personal side of life.

45:18 min.

Chapter 3 : Career Symbiosis

“Career Expectations of Parents”

As we mentioned on the last episode, part of exploiting opportunity when it arises has to do with taking risks. In this episode, we talk about how to understand risk well enough that you are able to make calculated assessments of risk, within the context of your personality, and optimize your chances of that opportunity leading you to bigger and better things.

41:58 min.

Chapter 4 : Helipats???

“Helicopter Parenting”

Helipats … who knew there was a shorthand name for helicopter parents, but there is!! Helicoptering from parents can come a many forms. Join us as we discuss what is means to be a helipad, possible consequences from the student’s perspective, and how both the parents and the student can minimize these consequences.

46:36 min.